A Certain Powerful Author

I am an avid follower of the Jesus is Savior website. For years I’ve been reading its articles and referring to its many varied subjects in all of my blogs, this one certainly not excluded. I find this website a clean breath of fresh air in the midst of the tumultuous sinful turmoil of the internet world.

Unless I must, I won’t go anywhere else, for fear that other websites are corrupted in some way, whether it’s the Gospel or the very climate of the website overall. There’s just too many evil devices out there nowadays for a true believer in the blood of Christ to approach without prayer and extreme caution (Psalm 101:3).

I’m not saying I won’t go anywhere else at all, but I’m immediately turned off by anything that does not coincide with the King James Bible. I can spot a Bible error in no time flat. I am as narrow-minded as the Bible, as the JIS author frequently says. I love and appreciate his efforts and prayerful hours of hard work preparing his articles and videos. He is a pastor, thoroughly seasoned in life and very much on fire for the Lord. His articles are hard-hitting, yet compassionate. I highly recommend this website to anyone who seeks Biblical truth.

Even though this author gets much hate mail (he calls it that), and even though he physically suffers unceasing neck and back pain incurred from a bus driving accident back in 2004, he continues on in the fight for souls, the race in which the prize is the Lord Jesus Christ. He frequently writes scathing articles on different subjects exposing sin for what it is, and even though he gets over 25,000 hits per day, and his website is first on the list of Godly preaching searches on Google (his site has been, by God’s grace, up and running since 2002), there are some subjects that his readers carefully avoid, such as sermons from unknown preachers over the years who were as on fire for God, like Dr. Max Younce, and other preachers’ videos who have attained popularity but not fame, such as Pastor Danny Castle in North Carolina and the late Dr. Jack Hyles (a list of impeccable preachers’ works and videos). Truly this website is a microcosm of Biblical power and principles, Godly teachings and doctrine, and it all stems directly from the Scriptures of the tried and true King James Bible. Many, many folks have been born again from this website. That right there says a lot.

I’m going to do something he won’t want (cover your ears, Brother) and say to the world that this author is a prodigy in how much he loves God. It’s very rare that a man is so deeply in love with his Savior and will literally put his life on the line for others as he does, for his Savior’s sake. Yet that is the very command that Jesus gave us, to love the Lord our God with all our heart, our mind, our strength, and our neighbor as ourself.

The Lord Jesus Himself had nothing of His own, yet He is King of kings and Lord of lords. I think it’s a worthy cause to follow Him– and all those who know His precious Name.


Lord, use me

I had a blog here some time ago under the same username. I worked on it day and night. I posted articles. I added images. I made full use of the editor. Everything appeared to be just right, UNTIL… God had me take it down.


It had become an IDOL.

You say, How can a way to serve the Lord BE AN IDOL? It all depends on how you treat it. If I spent so much time editing this website and never stopped to pray, or ask God if that’s what He wanted. Honestly, I thought I was serving God, BUT, the website became a god in itself, because that’s what I was paying the most attention to.

We MUST live for Jesus FIRST before we expect any blessings. First of all, we need to admit that we are woeful sinners in the eyes of God, and all we deserve is HELL FIRE. This is hard to understand, and many reject the Lord Jesus to their own destruction. This is the main subject I will elaborate on in this blog.

Read below how God saved me and changed my life. The Lord surely kept that there for someone who is seeking Him with all their heart.

Thanks for stopping by. God bless you.