New socks feel so good!


Have you ever slipped on a brand new pair of socks and relished how good they feel? Why do new socks always feel so good?

I thank God for my new socks, which He provided for me because all the old ones had holes in them, especially the toes. It reminds me that whenever I have a need, God provides. It may not be immediate, but when we pray, we should ask God for what we need instead of what we want. This way, He may give us our wants as well!

I don’t know why we forget so often to ask God, thank God, and worship God for all the things in our life. Our fleshly sinful nature all too often gets in the way, and we forget the Lord and convince ourselves that WE provided this food, this house, this clothing… but God wants us to thank HIM, because He is our Provider.

Have you thanked God today?