In hiatus

Sorry I haven’t been writing lately. I had my knee surgery and all I can think of is for it to get back to normal movement. Of course that won’t happen for a few months, but it’s one day at a time. Something like this can’t be rushed.

I’m basically back to doing my normal routine, but it’s a workout every time. Just moving my leg certain ways is exhausting. The muscles and tendons need time to heal properly, but they also need to be trained to work with this knee implant. It’s rough some days, and I end up extremely tired. Thank the Lord I learned to sleep on my back.

My first therapy session is on August 8th. Please pray for me…

Surgery in three weeks

I have osteoarthritis in my knees. The right one will be replaced with a prosthesis. I will be getting total knee replacement surgery in three weeks. I had my pre-admission testing done yesterday.

I intend, if I am able and I remember, to bring my laptop with me to the hospital. I will be, Lord willing, live streaming my stay. Hooray, everyone out there in internet land will see me in a hospital gown, with my hair undone and this big sleeve-like thing on my leg. I shouldn’t be in hospital long, perhaps three days at most.

I have certain reservations about the surgery, but who doesn’t want to chicken out of a procedure when your body is literally cut open and disturbed, let alone all the potential complications that may ensue afterward. However, I need this and I am putting my faith and trust in Almighty God to pull me through.

Lord willing, sometime next year I will have the left knee replaced as well. Praying that one holds out till then. Or, perhaps Jesus will rapture us out before then. A glorified body! NO MORE KNEE PROBLEMS!!

I covet your prayers for my procedure and recovery, even now. God bless you.