FLag Day Celebration

So there’s this event going on in New York City, called Gay Pride. Someone I know is going with his friends, two of them homosexual. I am grieved, vexed, and disappointed, not to mention exceedingly ANGRY at the so-called professed “Christians” of today.

Pray tell, where are the Christians who speak out against this abomination? Where are the Christians who rise up against the evildoers, and who stand against the workers of iniquity? Don’t these weirdos realize that they’re HEAPING UP WRATH upon their heads?? You think God is going to turn a blind eye and not take notice (AND WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN) of all this brainwashing propaganda?? Are they that stupid? Yes, they are, because they just don’t care.

The church of today has utterly failed in obeying God’s command to expose and cleanse the works of darkness. Why do you think society is so messed up?? Today’s contemporary church only adds to the sin problem, using fake trash bibles like the NIV (by the way, the NIV omits the word “sodomite”), never witnessing to anyone, and never leading ANY souls to Christ. This is truly the Laodicean (LUKEWARM) church age.

I sometimes feel like I’m the only believer standing in the gap for Jesus Christ. But they don’t want to hear it, because there’s much blood on their hands. This nation freely embraces sodomy and lesbianism, even forcing it on our CHILDREN in SCHOOL to have a SEX CHANGE WITHOUT their parents’ consent. MY GOD IN THE MORNING!!! Today’s churches don’t have a clue, and they don’t want to repent, but they will find out just how disappointed God is at the Judgment Seat. Not saying they’re going to Hell, but they ARE going to lose many rewards, and they’ll be utterly ASHAMED for ALL ETERNITY.

Another thing that fuels my righteous anger is that damned FLAG. Now, just to make a distinction. It’s a rainbow, right? WRONG! That is NOT a real rainbow. The “pride flag” is only SIX colors. Six is the number of MAN, and in this case, HOMOSEXUAL man. God’s rainbow has SEVEN colors. The sodomites are so against God and hate Him so much that they turned the rainbow into an abomination itself, of SIX colors! It leaves out the color INDIGO!!

HERE is God’s rainbow… SEVEN colors…

See that reddish purple at the far right? That’s INDIGO.

So why am I going on about this? Because it needs to be EXPOSED for the SIN that it is. These people are defiant, rebellious, and sick-minded. PRIDE, in what?? You can get married like NORMAL people do?? You can defile yourselves with one another?? You can adopt children (God help them) and “raise a family”?? You can flaunt your SIN in God’s face, and expect Him to back off?? Oh no, NO, my friend, GOD ALREADY HAS YOUR ETERNITY IN MIND. You’re the one who has to change YOUR mind!! YOUR DEGENERATE, DISGUSTING, FILTHY, “ALTERNATE” LIFESTYLE MAKES GOD ALMIGHTY SICK!!!

We are all sinners, folks. The LESBOS, BISEXUALS, GAYS, TRANNIES and QUEERS– EVERY one of them will fall on their face in the Lake of Fire one day and confess that JESUS IS LORD, to the glory of God the Father, EXCEPT THEY REPENT– NOW— and come to Christ as the GUILTY SINNERS THEY ARE. AMEN!! EVEN SO, COME, LORD JESUS!!

50 years, of what?

I see by coming here that nobody reads my posts. It’s also because I don’t read others’ either. That’s okay though, since my motive for being on here at all is just to have something in case the mood to write hits. I’ll always be a writer at heart. And I like having to something to comment on current events with.

However, I’m here today because I was appalled at what I saw on my Google page this morning. 50 years of celebrating LGBTQ gay pride. Is that how long it’s been since the homos and lesbians took over, 1969, the same year I was 4 years old and Neil Armstrong walked on the moon (or did he)? Even longer than that, God and the Bible and prayer have been out of our lives, since the early 1960’s. Since God is no longer our life, we have committed a progressively worsening spiritual suicide. WE ARE AS A COUNTRY BEING JUDGED, and no amount of religion or arrogance will fix it, UNLESS we repent and return with all our hearts to God and His Word.

As I said, I am appalled. The gays are in the spotlight and my posts get shunned. That figures. God is judging us for our complacency because we have failed to stand up for what’s right according to the KING JAMES Bible. Because of this, Satan is succeeding where Christians have utterly failed by taking over the lives of our children and our youth. We have gone in our closets and put our heads in the sand while the gays came out with a vengeance, taking over every facet of life, and it’s all because of that same sin that got Lucifer (Satan) kicked out of heaven– PRIDE.

So here’s my contribution to the gays’ day of celebrating 50 solid years of sin that reeks in the nostrils of God Almighty. How much more will He take before He returns with a vengeance?