Lord, use me

I had a blog here some time ago under the same username. I worked on it day and night. I posted articles. I added images. I made full use of the editor. Everything appeared to be just right, UNTIL… God had me take it down.


It had become an IDOL.

You say, How can a way to serve the Lord BE AN IDOL? It all depends on how you treat it. If I spent so much time editing this website and never stopped to pray, or ask God if that’s what He wanted. Honestly, I thought I was serving God, BUT, the website became a god in itself, because that’s what I was paying the most attention to.

We MUST live for Jesus FIRST before we expect any blessings. First of all, we need to admit that we are woeful sinners in the eyes of God, and all we deserve is HELL FIRE. This is hard to understand, and many reject the Lord Jesus to their own destruction. This is the main subject I will elaborate on in this blog.

Read below how God saved me and changed my life. The Lord surely kept that there for someone who is seeking Him with all their heart.

Thanks for stopping by. God bless you.

Forget Facebook

I highly recommend this preacher’s videos. Hensley channel —


Once and for all, I’m done with Facebook. I never followed anyone and received little activity anyway.

I’m trying to find ways that I could occupy my time in place of fakebook (I say “fake” because nearly everyone is fake on there and nobody wants the truth). I often listen to Hensley’s videos (see above), and find it very rewarding and I know God approves of it.

This is why I’ve returned to writing in a blog. Spending all your time on the phone/computer can become an idol and replace the time you spend with God. I know that is true because that happened to me. I hardly read my Bible and rarely prayed. I’ll never get that lost time back again. So now I need to REDEEM THE TIME I have left.

Facebook is dangerous, consuming, and leads to spiritual famine. It is of the Devil if used for the Devil. You can use Facebook for God is you really want to. I realize I can’t, however, because I am not comfortable posting long “statuses” on my “wall.” WordPress is familiar to me and I can go all out for God in my writing. He will bless as He sees fit, and I must obey Him and prepare for attacks from the evil one.

To be continued…