The Franklin Institute: A House of Deception.

I know many will not like what I just said, but sadly it’s true. It grieves my heart to see this once revered museum, during which my formative years I loved and spent many hours, slide down into vanity, taking the children with it.

Poor children, denied of God at birth. Poor children, taught in the demonic public schools that we “evolved” from slime and are no better off than animals. Poor children, who think they can change “genders” and become some freakish thing that God did not create them to be. Poor children, who, without parental upbringing in the Word of God, don’t stand a chance for Christ unless He makes a mighty move through one of His ambassadors (a true, Bible-believing Christian) and be born again by the Holy Spirit of God. The question is, who will care about the children enough to reach them before the Devil devours them with lies and deception like the Franklin Institute does?

People in other countries are coming to Christ by the multitudes. Sadly, the places where American missionaries used to go to win souls for Christ are the ones who are the missionaries to America! It’s pathetic and wrong, not to mention outright sinful, to glorify anything and anyone but the Lord Jesus Christ. He ALONE deserves to be worshipped and praised.

I heard of certain people that are not Americans call America “The Great Satan.” This is how far we’ve gone as a formerly Godly nation. We have bitten the hand that feeds us, and are devouring the children in their innocence and wonder, feeding on their impressionable years as if it were permissible and right. What right do we have to defy the Almighty in such blatant arrogance? So when you see the cataclysms and catastrophes happening every day, don’t say that God isn’t watching and He knows nothing. HE IS ALLOWING THE DEVIL TO JUDGE US, and that’s the truth people hate the most.

As far as Satan is concerned, I respect the fact that God uses him for His will. He is second in power to God Almighty, and God uses him as His unwilling slave to bring about trials and tribulations in our life, NOT to destroy us, but to come to the knowledge of the truth which is in Jesus Christ.

You must understand, dear reader, you and I cannot fathom the mind of God. His ways are NOT our ways. That’s why He allows sickness and disasters to plague mankind, because He hates sin and cannot allow sinful mankind in His presence. Don’t misunderstand me, God loves us and desires us to be His children as born-again Christians, but God has never changed and will never change. He LOVES the sinner, but He HATES SIN. What we see as an angry God who hates us and Who has no right to disrupt our lives is in reality trying to get our attention so that we would turn to Him and acknowledge Him in that He also can and will save us, heal us and take care of us. Many people cannot understand that, because they listen to the Devil instead of God. The Devil is a liar, my friend, and he cannot speak truth.

So back to my title. The Franklin Institute is just one device the Devil uses to lure us away from God. Let me encourage you today, DO NOT LET HIM take your kids. AVOID this place and save your money. God wants you to Himself. Don’t disappoint Him.