Government shutdown number ???

I’m old school. My parents and grandparents abode by the tried and true ways of yesteryear. My son calls such thinking “outdated,” but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t the right way. Young people nowadays have no clue how to live right because there is no God, no Bible, no prayer, only whatever you want to do, do it. That attitude was rare when I was growing up. 

We’re in bad shape, people, when our own elected (or should I say, SELECTED) leaders go shutting down all we depend on as the nation sinks further into more sin, depravity and decadence. I believe the highest leaders were due to make sacrifices to Satan during these five weeks. Sound shocking? Wake up and do some research. A lot of secrets are being made manifest plainly nowadays. I mean, who cares, right? We just wanna get drunk and PAHTAY!!

Please don’t go the world’s way. I’m here to tell you that Jesus Christ made a way for us to escape the world and its temptations and to go to Heaven when we die. All you need to do is acknowledge that you are a woeful sinner on your way to Hell and the Lake of Fire. You cannot get to Heaven by works, deeds, religion or any other way. These will lead you to Hell. If you want to go to Hell, then do nothing. Only if you BELIEVE ON the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that He died on the cross to wash away all your sins, you will be saved. You don’t want to go to Hell. Jesus wants to hear from you now.