Q & A: Do I need to be baptized to be saved?

A common myth nowadays is that you need to be baptized to be born again. In reality, you are born again and THEN you are baptized, by your choice, as a public show of your new birth in Christ. You do NOT need to be baptized, but it is encouraged for you to do so.

Many false religions say you need to be baptized to be saved (e.g., Church of Christ), but nothing could be further than the truth. God doesn’t require works for you to be saved, only childlike faith that Jesus Christ died for your sins, was buried, and rose again from the grave. This is the simple Gospel which you must believe in order to enter Heaven.

Q. Is immersion or sprinkling of water done in baptism?

A. The Bible says immersion is the way it was done, and still continues to this day (Matthew 3:16, Mark 1:10).

Q. Why do babies get baptized in the Roman Catholic Church?

A. Because in my opinion Catholic priests counterfeit the Father giving the new birth by baptizing a baby, thus imitating the new life in Christ and the fresh start a true Christian has when they are born again. Good question, I’ll elaborate on that later.

Q. Why did Philip baptize the Ethiopian eunuch (servant)?

A. Because the eunuch was reading a passage from the book of Isaiah which speaks of the Messiah being crucified (Acts 8:29-38). The eunuch was saved after Philip preached the Gospel to him, and he wanted to make a public show of his new faith. Note that he got saved first, THEN he was baptized.

Q. Why DO certain religions say that baptism is needed to be saved?

A. Because they are 1. ignorant of the Scriptures, 2. are in denial of the Truth in Christ, and/or 3. are too proud to admit they’re wrong and God is right.

Q. I am Catholic. Can I get saved and be baptized as the Bible teaches, even though I was baptized as a baby?

A. Yes! Anyone can be saved by faith alone in Jesus, and then they can be baptized the Bible way! Your Catholic “baptism” means nothing, but Biblical baptism means a lot!

I hope this helps.

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