Hi all. I guess I can write about what I’m up to these days. After all, I have nothing to hide.

I just started physical therapy for my knee. I have 8 weeks to go. Tomorrow is my second session. The first time was tiring, but I had the satisfaction of getting it done. If God wills it and all goes well, I should complete all my sessions by October. Leaving it in the Lord’s hands.

My Pastor went home to Heaven last month. I am still grieving over this loss. He meant everything to me spiritually. I have not been going to church as I did before, mostly because of my knee, but it’s not the same and I’m tempted to give up. I can’t though, because I know this is a test to see if I’ll be faithful.

There are other issues as well, health-wise and financial, but I won’t get into details. If you care, I’d ask for your prayers. I know God can do anything in His will. Casting all my cares upon Him.

That’s all for now. I’ll come back when the mood hits.

See ya on the flip side…

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  1. Heavenly Father. I ask in Your Perfect Name to comfort Denise in this very sad time. I am glad that her Pastor was a Child of You Lord, for that means that he is not in Heaven with You, basking in Your Wonderful Glory. Please help Denise recover from surgery soon Lord. Help her with that. Please keep Denise out of temptation to give up on this blog, for as she says, it’s a test. Please help her through.

    I ask and say this in the Wonderful Name of the Lord Jesus, the Saviour of the world.


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    1. Dear Tom, thank you for your prayers. However I am a bit puzzled about this.. you said my Pastor is NOT in Heaven.. surely this was a typo of sorts, correct? Because I know for certain he is. Also I noticed you posted my article to Reddit. I am VERY LEERY about that website. But I’d like to know something. Why did you tell others in your post to “please not do anything?” What are they going to do, harass me or look for me? I write my posts knowing the whole world has the potential to see them. This simply took me by surprise.

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      1. It’s all right hun. I know you mean well, but if possible, before you repost my blog, could you ask me first? It’s just that this is a dangerous world, especially for us Christians. I’d like to know where my posts are going. I’m sure God will use them somehow. You’re doing great, dear. You’re an encouragement to me. Take care.😊

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