The Victorians had too much time on their hands

There are various superstitions regarding death and burials, many of which come from other eras of time and various beliefs. I am not condemning the people who believe these silly superstitions, I am condemning the superstitions themselves. Why? Because they’re all LIES of the DEVIL. And if you believe such nonsense, you are a fool. That’s what the Bible says.

Following is another blog I ran across. Reading these makes my heart hurt, because some people actually believe them as if they are true. Again, every one is a lie. The Bible is the only truth.

Victorian deathmyths

There is no such thing as bad luck, good luck, or any other such garbage. Luck is a falsehood coined by haters of God’s Word, because they want to think that they can control their own life. God knows all the thoughts and desires of the hearts of men. The heart of man is desperately wicked. So if you believe in any kind of luck, you got it– you’re a FOOL.

When I went to the burial yesterday, it was a torrential downpour. Lightning, hailstones, you name it, we got hit by them all. I can only thank God that nothing worse happened to any of us. No accidents, no injury, only the hand of God protecting each one.

According to this site, rain during a funeral is considered “good luck” because “the soul of the departed is on its way to heaven.” With so many funerals happening on rainy days, you’d think the whole world went to Heaven by now. That is LUDICROUS. May I say, if the soul of the departed wasn’t SAVED by the blood of Jesus Christ, it goes no further than STRAIGHT DOWN TO HELL. AMEN!!! ONLY BORN AGAIN BELIEVERS GO TO HEAVEN, as I’ve said umpteen times. NOBODY ELSE. So if this particular soul was SAVED, it didn’t have to wait till BURIAL to go to Heaven, it went to Heaven AS SOON AS THE FINAL BREATH EXPIRED FROM THE BODY. Face the truth, fools! It’s good for you.

There is much more I can expose and mock in the Name of Jesus (the prophets did it, so can I), but just take a good look around you today and see how much deception and outright sinful thinking prevails. Hardly anything is mentioned, outside of Bible-believing preaching, of the wonderful grace of Jesus and the saving power of His cross. The Devil has been working hard and has billions for subjects, pawns and puppets, and they all will gladly follow him into the Lake of Fire.

Jesus Christ died on the cross for every single one. What blasphemy and hatred they must sustain in their wicked hearts. So sad. Yet– if ANY ONE comes BY FAITH to the Savior to be saved from an eternity in HELL, THEY WILL BE SAVED. God can save the vilest sinner. ARE YOU A VILE SINNER TODAY, AND KNOW IT? Jesus wants to change your life. Please see this page to be born again by faith in Him.