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Still in the throes of grief

My beloved Pastor of 15 years went to Heaven last month. I can’t believe it’s been that long. Thank God he’s no longer suffering but in the arms of his Saviour, never to feel any more pain.

I went back to church after a long respite, and as always it was wonderful. God is still working in our church, and has never left one need unmet. Still there’s a vacant hole in my heart where my beloved Pastor used to reside. Knowing he won’t be there to welcome me, to encourage me with his sound wisdom no matter what the reason, even to give me a gentle but loving rebuke for not printing the bulletin properly, it just seems so hard. When he died, he left this need unmet, namely, my personal affection for him that is now just a memory. I miss him so much.

I wanted to go in his office today to just relive a few memories… waiting in his chair until he finished his bit on the bulletin, being offered a piece of candy just because he loved to give things to people, and many other precious memories that will always remain in my heart. He would arrive there on Saturday mornings in all kinds of weather, rain or shine, snow or heat, to write out his own Pastor’s Corner. It was one of his characteristics.

I wanted to stand there before his desk and soak it all in. I saw his office, as I called it, the “Holy of Holies,” so to speak. But all the memories are gone, and it is now an empty shell, all that’s left of a life that was lived for God and now is flown away. What once housed a man of God who prayed to God for power and wisdom before every service and wept unashamedly for the lost is now just an empty room, cold and lifeless. Yet I know it will once again house another man of God who has just as much fire and fervent love for the Lord as my beloved Pastor had. Yet, it will never be the same.

Here’s to 15 years of service in the house of God. I miss him, but I know I will see him again very soon.

“Oh Lord, You have shown us that death is but the gateway to a more glorious life, and that we must not fear its coming. Again, assure us that our departed comrade is not a loss to us, but is now sharing a new life with You in Your glorious Kingdom. We all understand that in time, we will be reunited with our departed comrade who is with You right now.”

Beware of “Stadia”

I know I may raise a few eyebrows when I expose this new gaming trend called Stadia. As always, I am against anything that is idolatry against worship of the one true God in Jesus Christ. Any thing, any person, any hobby, any vice or sin, is IDOLATRY (worship of a false god). You cannot worship God and for example, money, at the same time. God will NOT allow any other to steal His glory, which is rightfully His alone. To do so is to commit a grave sin.

This is what Wicked-pedia says about Stadia:

“Stadia is a cloud gaming service operated by Google, said to be capable of streaming video games up to 4K resolution at 60 frames per second with support for high-dynamic-range, to players via the company’s numerous data centers across the globe, provided they are using a sufficiently high-speed Internet connection.” …

Notice Google never says a bad word against anything they promote. They make it look desirable and worthy to possess. They are in cahoots with the evil powers that be who want to demolish anything innocent, beautiful and pleasing to God. I personally despise Google, Facebook, Twitter and all their evil internet kin. They are of their father the Devil, and the lusts of their father they will do (John 8:44). They are all damned to Hell where they came from, and will reap rewards of shame and contempt in the everlasting flames of the Lake of Fire. PARENTS, WAKE UP AND PAY ATTENTION!! THE INTERNET IS NOT YOUR OR YOUR CHILDREN’S FRIEND!!!

Now I admit I am not educated about gaming of any kind, but I do know that it is a shameful waste of time for a person of any age to spend countless hours in front of a gaming console or TV set pretending to be something you are not. Tell me it’s not true how many young people think they’re playing a game with someone their own age across the globe and in reality it’s a 60 year old pedophile looking for a young person to destroy. Call me old fashioned, I’d rather be such than to have my mind warped by the Devil’s devices in these ever-evolving “games”, which are nothing but selfishness and pride packaged in bright colors and ear-pleasing sounds. All you see and hear are the “good” things of the world, never the end result. The Devil always shows you the glory and the power, but he never lets you in on the wasted lives that could have (and should have) been used for God.

God gave us a free will to decide what to do with our life. I am not saying that He will force you to worship and serve Him; He will not. He lets you decide what you do, who you are, what profession you serve, what flavors you like, what dreams you have, etc. However, He created each of us to worship Him and to serve Him. You will stand naked before God after your final breath and He will ask you what you did with His Son, Jesus Christ. Ecclesiastes 12:13: “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.” The “whole duty of man” emphasizes believing on the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation, because without Him we can do nothing for God. That verse in Ecclesiastes sums it all up. Anything and everything else is idolatry, therefore in vain and worthy of judgment.

By the way, gaming is nothing but a poor substitute for imitation of something that you want to be. It is the heart that is desperately wicked, and the heart is what people go by to satisfy their ungodly lusts. I’m so sick of hearing idiots say, “Follow your heart” when it’s the HEART that is so wicked and evil. For example, take Gears of War. Why in the world would you want to appear like some mutated ape going around slicing other players to death with a chainsaw? You want to tell me God winks at such wicked pride? That is sick. It’s no wonder today’s youth are so obsessed with death and killing themselves and others: THAT’S ALL THEY KNOW!!! Where are the Christians???

I am speaking to a generation that doesn’t know God and rejects the Lord Jesus Christ. These games from Hell are leading everybody who plays them into the Lake of Fire. I say that because ”gamers” don’t realize the wrath being recorded in the books in Heaven. Every idle word that you speak will be accounted for in the judgment (Matthew 12:36); how much more will these idle “games” which warp the mind and destroy the soul.

You better listen to me, young people. Forget Stadia, X-Box, Nintendo, and the like. You need to get saved and throw away your devilish games and hellish consoles NOW. The sooner, the better.


Hi all. I guess I can write about what I’m up to these days. After all, I have nothing to hide.

I just started physical therapy for my knee. I have 8 weeks to go. Tomorrow is my second session. The first time was tiring, but I had the satisfaction of getting it done. If God wills it and all goes well, I should complete all my sessions by October. Leaving it in the Lord’s hands.

My Pastor went home to Heaven last month. I am still grieving over this loss. He meant everything to me spiritually. I have not been going to church as I did before, mostly because of my knee, but it’s not the same and I’m tempted to give up. I can’t though, because I know this is a test to see if I’ll be faithful.

There are other issues as well, health-wise and financial, but I won’t get into details. If you care, I’d ask for your prayers. I know God can do anything in His will. Casting all my cares upon Him.

That’s all for now. I’ll come back when the mood hits.

See ya on the flip side…

References from Wicked-pedia??

I’m not sure why, but some referrers to my blog are coming from Wikipedia. I wonder, what does Wikipedia have that would lead people here to my blog? So I’m just going to presume that it’s the Lord, Who knows what He’s doing, and is perhaps leading folks to my blog to get them saved. At least that’s the only reason I can think of.

Yes, I believe God. I believe He can take a worldly, lying monstrosity like Wikipedia and turn it around to use it to His glory. Oh yes, sure He can, and I have no doubt that He has, and will still! God is over all, in all, and through all! You better believe He can do anything His will demands, even through His powerful puppet Satan and his evil devices! Oh yes, I sure do believe God!

I also believe the Lord likes to show Himself off at times. Any time a person is born again out of drug use, or a broken home, or even if they live a clean life, or are entangled in some kind of trial like divorce or the sin of sodomy; be assured, God is over all and He has the power to break that sin and show forth His glory in a changed life. We’re the stupid fools if we reject God’s love gift of salvation.

To reject Jesus is to damn your eternal soul forever in Hell. Why would you take any chance and risk Hell when this whole time you could run to the cross and receive the Lord Jesus Christ? Yes, I’m preaching to you, Wikipedians!! TODAY is the day of salvation! Come to Christ NOW, before it’s too late for you!

There’s a reference to Wikipedia for you. Now go publish it to the world!