I am Nothing Without Jesus

I’ve always known that I was never cut out for popularity. I have always been an introvert, and still am, even though God’s Holy Spirit compels me to break free from my idleness and go out and tell others about the Lord Jesus Christ. If my words have any value or depth or power at all, it is not me who is their author, but Him.

It is not that I am good, but God is Goodness personified.

It is not me who speaks the Word of Life, but God is His Word working through me.

It is not that I write for effect, or popularity, or fame, but that God wants to manifest His power in me to others, hence my zeal for the Gospel.

God gives each of His own a certain measure of faith, a talent, a calling, and a goal. I strive to use mine for His Glory.

Have you lifted up the Lord in your life today?