The World vs. The Gospel: Which wins?

I was doing just the thing that I said I don’t like doing, that is, looking at the stats of each post. Wouldn’t you know, they all got an average of 4 views, if any, but the post about Justin Bieber has the most activity. It figures that the world would love its own, just like Jesus said it would.

I really don’t care about the views. What I do care about is that I feel like I’m the only one who is doing the right thing (even though I’m sure I’m not). I witness on here, I stay true to the Word of God, I try to lead people to the Savior so they can miss out on an eternity in a Lake of Fire, only to find out that the post that gets the most attention is about some numskull idiot telling girls to go F___ themselves. That’s where most people’s brains are, in the spiritual gutter.

That’s okay though. I’m going to hold the fort anyway and keep on pleasing the Lord. Take the world, but give me Jesus!

One last point. If you don’t believe in Jesus Christ now, while you’re still alive, you’ll wish to God you received Him when you die and you stand before Him, naked and ashamed, while He tells you to depart from Him into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels (Matthew 25:41). There will be no escape after you die and are lost, forever.

Believe on Jesus Christ and be saved.

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