Sword in hand, but Heart in love

I was once told that I was “negative-bent.” That means I tend to think of the negative side of things first before the positive. Sometimes I am all negative, but I do that because I want to be a watchman (watch-woman?) on the wall, warning people of our holy God’s wrath to come. Because believe you me, it’s coming, and fast.

As I mentioned aforetime (there’s an old English word for ya), I had a blog here at WordPress a few years ago, by the URL name of “ihatetheinternetbutilovejesus”. I started it by God’s grace in about 2015. I still would have it and be posting in it today if it hadn’t have been for that old lying Devil sending his minions to tear it down and making me look like an utter fool. I don’t remember all the details, but I do recall that they came like a pack of ravening wolves, ambushing me from all sides. And like the fool I was, after two or three days of humiliation and cowardice, I crumbled, and deleted the site. I’ll NEVER get it back again.

Not saying this for pity, God knows I repented afterward, but after that happened I was too disappointed in myself to begin writing again right away. I stayed away from blogging for about a year, then I started the Blogger blog, which right off the bat any reader could see was full of hatred, anger and indignation at the world. No wonder I never got any comments, I was too fired up to listen to anyone. I avoided WordPress like the plague, because I was too afraid those misguided, unkind people would come back and attack me again. Thankfully, by God’s grace, they didn’t. What I didn’t realize then, even as a mature believer, is that persecution is something we believers need to EXPECT, and God sends trials and tribulations our way to STRENGTHEN us in our walk with Him.

This is why, when I first made this blog, that I promised God that I would keep all comments open, all opinions at face value, and all readers feel welcome. I also had to turn down the volume regarding certain gross sins, e.g., the sin of homosexuality, which I despise with a passion. Nevertheless, people will be people, sinners in desperate need for a Savior. That’s the bottom line. I do believe I’ve finally woken up. PRAISE GOD!!

Please. Come to Jesus Christ now and be saved.