Now on Facebook

So I’ve relented and connected this blog to my Facebook page. I really want to get the Word out, and if God uses this avenue, then to Him be the glory.

If you haven’t seen my posts, you may be in for a surprise. I don’t “go along to get along,” I tell it like it is, the way the Bible says it. Jesus spoke truth. I want to publish the truth, no matter what it takes.

You may also notice I can be a bit rough. That’s because I enjoy hard, fire and brimstone preaching from preachers who are like bulldogs on guard. Would you want some intruder breaking into your home? I don’t! I’m what I am by God’s grace. I am always on the alert for falsehood and sinful compromise. I am a woman, but that doesn’t mean I can’t defend my faith and wield my Sword. God calls us SOLDIERS of the cross.

I hesitate to put my blog on Facebook, but I realize that it’s better to do so than to tuck tail and run. People are dying and going to Hell every second. Why should I give the Devil credit when I can speak out, especially while there’s freedom to do it?

See my salvation page if you want to know how to be saved. Time is short, and we have work to do.