“Love Yourself”

I am a born again Christian. I don’t say that with pride, but with humility. I know how people think, because I am people too. We all have the same sin nature, so we all think in fleshly terms. However, being saved opens your eyes to certain things in the world that are good and are evil.

These are the last days, and everything is going along just as Jesus Christ said. Long ago in the prophets’ eras of the Old Testament, men of God would predict how the world would be as it is today. Jesus Himself said the world will love its own, but the world would hate true believers in Him because they would hate Him (John 15:18). We call good evil and evil good on a daily basis anymore. So I want to point out one thing in particular, because you need to know some things.

I heard a song on the radio yesterday that I had to really listen to in order to get the meaning. It’s a slow song, talking about how someone used to love someone but now they went to someone else, so the artist says for them to “love” themselves. However this is a clever play on words, because at first your mind hears whoever he’s singing about to “go love yourself,” but in reality he’s saying for them to go “F*** yourself.” Here’s the lyrics to prove it.

“‘Cause if you like the way you look that much
Oh baby you should go and love (“F*#@”) yourself
And if you think that I’m still holdin’ on to somethin’
You should go and love
(“F***”) yourself –Justin Bieber,” “Love Yourself”

He’s in reality telling her to go and F__k herself, in other words, masturbate. See the play on words?? See the filthy innuendo?

So now that I’ve pointed this out, you say, what am I getting at? I’m so glad you asked.

The music industry is filled with innuendo and sexually stimulating, evil, depraved filth. The Devil, who is the originator of all sin, knows how people think. He knows people love music, or rather, his mangled, ungodly version of music. When was the last time you heard “Sweet Hour of Prayer?” If you’re the average Joe, probably never.

People don’t pay attention to what they’re listening to. They don’t listen to the song and try to figure out what the singer is getting at. They like the lyrics and many can lip-sync along like they’re Justin Bieber himself. They know every song, word for word, because every place they go always has that incessant noise playing over the speakers– in cars, in homes, in the streets, in workplaces, everywhere. You can’t get away from it, and once it’s inside your head, you can’t get rid of it. That’s how the Devil operates, subliminally, speaking to the subconscious mind. That is also how he gets a hold of your eternal soul, by feeding you lies and trash like “Love Yourself” through your subconscious mind.

Music is a very powerful medium because it speaks to our soul. It is spiritual. That sounds creepy but it’s true. Why do you remember every word of “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber, or “Waka Waka” by Shakira, or Elvis’ songs, or TobyMac’s, or Beyonce’s filthy Sasha Fierce’s sexually explicit songs? Because they appeal to the FLESH, and the flesh is never satisfied. Plus, people go along to get along, which is why society today is the way it is.

The human mind is a powerful thing, because God created it that way. The Devil knows this, so he’s taking every opportunity to corrupt and destroy everything that God made good. That’s his mission, to drag as many lost souls to Hell with him as he can before Jesus Christ casts him forever into the Lake of Fire. He doesn’t care about you, he only wants your soul.

Truthfully, Bieber should own up and tell his fans what he’s really trying to say, for girls to go F*&% themselves (masturbate) for being the trashy whores they are (that isn’t me saying that, it’s God). However, if he did this, he’d lose his money, his fans (who are misguided fools like him) and his popularity, not to mention a slew of lawsuits would be filed against him. People judge others by one flaw, and that’s how they’re labeled for life. That is human nature. So you know that Bieber is going to remain a pawn of the Devil until he dies and splits Hell wide open, that is, if he never gets saved by the blood of Jesus. Sadly, many people love money and worship the god of mammon, and they hate God and the Lord Jesus Christ, Who willingly gave His life for us all. Ungrateful and spoiled. That’s what today’s antichrist generation is.

You might hate me for kicking your idol Justin Bieber, but I’m writing this for your benefit, because I want you to know the truth. I love you with God’s unconditional love and want you to be born again by the blood of Jesus. I hate no one, I hate their SIN. Why? Because sin is what separates us from God, and we cannot go to Heaven if we are not spiritually born again by faith in Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for us all. Bieber is not saved, and is in imminent danger of Hell fire, but I am warning YOU to flee from the wrath to come.

I heard this song last night and it’s still going on in my head, hence, this article. I just wanted to bring it to attention so it can be exposed for what it really is.

God HATES this filth. God does NOT hate Justin Bieber. On the contrary, He gave His Son Jesus Christ to die for him on the cross so he could be saved.


What will you do with Jesus today?? Believe on His shed blood on the cross to take away your sins, or remain a child of the Devil and reject Jesus Christ? It’s your choice.