Still getting flak from the “Flat Earth”

I was a follower of the “flat earth” movement a couple years ago, and I had made a few comments about it in my old WordPress blog. Back then I was convinced that the earth is flat, astronauts couldn’t have walked on the moon, and other weird stuff.

I think this whole flat earth fiasco came about because people don’t want the Bible, they don’t study the Bible, and they are stuck on themselves in that their opinions matter and others’ don’t. Opinions are like armpits, we have two and they both stink. This whole flat earth thing is a laughingstock to those who have too much time on their hands, making videos and mocking the simple truths of the Bible. As for me, I’ve outgrown the conspiracy theory stage, and I have moved on to reality as the Bible teaches. Let God be true and every man a liar.

All I want to say about it now is that it no longer matters to me what shape the earth is in (the world is in really bad shape but that’s another subject). I just know God created the earth and He created it VERY GOOD. So I’ll leave off this subject for now. I don’t care about the “flat earth” movement any more, because somewhere along the way I grew up and realized it really doesn’t matter anyway.

People need to get a life as it is and not be chasing rabbits like some do. That’s all a distraction from the Devil. I’d rather be rooted and grounded in the faith that is in Christ Jesus, and do His work. Forget the flat earth junk, preach the Gospel!! Souls are dying every day! It could be you next!!