Are you on fire for God enough to lose friends?

I’ve had a good friend at church and on my Facebook for years. She enjoyed my pictures of nature and that we both love Pennypack Park (where I go riding my bike). However, she posted something today that made me sad, even disappointed. She is misled by the world about a certain TV program, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” which is a promoter of the gay agenda. I told her this, and that she shouldn’t be watching that show. She didn’t agree with my stand for Christ, saying the show “promotes love and empathy.” Empathy for what, sodomites raping straights??? So reluctantly, I removed her from my Facebook, because I am not going to force my opinion down anyone’s throat, even though I thought she was a believer like me. Just goes to show we can’t see anyone’s heart, but thankfully God can.

I’m not judging anyone for the TV shows they watch. If you enjoy watching filth from the vomit box, then that’s your issue. As for me, I gave up watching TV years ago. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Thank God He got my head out of that gutter!! And yes, I’m speaking in strong language. All this TV garbage will be completely destroyed by the Lord very soon. What a wonderful day that will be!

When you really desire to follow the Lord and live for Him with all your being, you will lose friends. The world will give you up like a cat with a hairball. Someone once told me that I’m a “hardliner” because I tell it like it is, no whitewashing or sugarcoating. If God can be straightforward, so can I, and He gives me the power to do so. Even so, AMEN!! Show me empathy on that!!

I still love my friend, and I hope she can forgive me for my frankness. When I see her at church I will hug her like I always do. I love my church family, but I dislike certain things they do! Surely they must dislike some things about me as well. Nobody’s perfect, right? But I for one want to be pleasing to the Lord.

My mother used to say, “TV rots your brain!!” She was correct. God help us in these last days to seek the Lord.

Christians, Beware of “Bijbelvorser”– He’s a New Ager

I got a comment from this person this morning, and from what I saw in his beliefs page is that he believes there is a “supreme being” and that there is “God in each of us.” I was like, NOT!! SIN is in each of us, you FOOL!

I’ve seen this name before, simply because it was unusual, perhaps Dutch. Just to clear the air, I am NOT posting or allowing to post ANYTHING but the KING JAMES BIBLE. Not the Talmud, not the Quran, not the Apocrypha, nor will I touch ANY of the Bible PERversions with a hundred foot pole. These are all MAN MADE FALSEHOODS, and if your sorry self believes in one (or more) of these lies, you are HELL BOUND and you need to get it RIGHT.

This is why I need to approve any comments on my blog, or even in my videos. It takes a lot for me to be patient with folks. I have to know what they’re saying before I decide what to keep and what to delete. Not for pride or anything selfish, I need to glorify God in my writings AND in the comments posted. If that doesn’t happen, then it gets dumped in the trash bin.

I’m no better than Bijbelvorser, or Aunt Mary, or anyone else. We’re ALL sinners, and we ALL need a Savior. Are you saved today? Do you know where you’re going after you breathe your last? There’s one of two places where your soul can go– HEAVEN, or HELL. Call upon Jesus, believing in your heart that God gave His only Begotten Son to die IN YOUR PLACE. Believe that He died, was buried, and rose again. This is the true Gospel which you must believe as a little child to go to Heaven.

I’m not angry at Bijbelvorser; on the contrary, I pray that he sees the error of his ways and is born again by the blood of Jesus. You can study about God, write, meditate, go to church, be on the deacon board, run for President (well, a true Christian won’t want to do that, lol), etc., but if you DON’T believe on Jesus to save your eternal soul, then you WILL end up in Hell. This, my friend, is the controversial “unpardonable sin.” I didn’t write it, I just preach it.

So you ask, why is unbelief in Jesus the unpardonable sin? Because God Almighty looked down from His throne in eternity past and saw that mankind was wretched, hopeless, and on a steady road to destruction. He felt so sorry for us, and He loved us so much, that He sent His only Begotten Son, the LORD JESUS CHRIST, to come to earth and be born from a virgin, and for three and a half years preach to the the world that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and NO ONE cometh unto the Father (God) but BY HIM. (John 14:6) He was murdered on a cross three years later, after He loved people, fed them, washed their feet, and raised folks from the dead. For SIX HOURS, in total darkness, His body hung on that cross, bleeding from the open wounds of the beating the Romans gave Him. Even God His Father could not look upon His Son, for He took upon ALL of our sins, so the Father turned His back on Him. He was even thirsty, but after He received the vinegar, He cried out, “IT IS FINISHED!!!” breathed His last, and died. (John 19:28-30) Then He was buried in a borrowed tomb, for He had nothing of His own. He ascended to Heaven and sprinkled His blood on the Mercy Seat of Heaven’s Temple. His soul then went down to the spirits in prison in Hell (1 Peter 3:19) and He preached to THEM ALSO, then taking the Old Testament saints up to Heaven. Then by a mighty, all-powerful miracle from GOD, He ROSE FROM THE GRAVE!!!! (Matthew 28:6, Mark 16:6, Luke 24:6) This is what sets Christianity apart from all religions: Our Savior had RISEN from the grave. All others are still rotting in their tombs.

The UNPARDONABLE SIN is REJECTING that Jesus died for you to take away your sins. What more could God have done? You DESERVE Hell if you reject the Lord Jesus. And so would I.

So what will you do? Bijbelvorser? Aunt Mary? Those who are reading this post? You can put your name down if you truly believe that Jesus IS the CHRIST, and BELIEVING, you may have LIFE THROUGH HIS NAME.

But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name. John 20:31 KJB

BELIEVE on Jesus today to save you from your sins. Amen.