Surgery in three weeks

I have osteoarthritis in my knees. The right one will be replaced with a prosthesis. I will be getting total knee replacement surgery in three weeks. I had my pre-admission testing done yesterday.

I intend, if I am able and I remember, to bring my laptop with me to the hospital. I will be, Lord willing, live streaming my stay. Hooray, everyone out there in internet land will see me in a hospital gown, with my hair undone and this big sleeve-like thing on my leg. I shouldn’t be in hospital long, perhaps three days at most.

I have certain reservations about the surgery, but who doesn’t want to chicken out of a procedure when your body is literally cut open and disturbed, let alone all the potential complications that may ensue afterward. However, I need this and I am putting my faith and trust in Almighty God to pull me through.

Lord willing, sometime next year I will have the left knee replaced as well. Praying that one holds out till then. Or, perhaps Jesus will rapture us out before then. A glorified body! NO MORE KNEE PROBLEMS!!

I covet your prayers for my procedure and recovery, even now. God bless you.

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    1. I’m not sure yet… I’m going into surgery soon after I arrive and they set me up in a room. I was hoping after the surgery, maybe the day I go home, but they’re going to have me up and walking as soon as possible to prevent certain complications. If I can’t use my laptop, I’ll just use my phone which unfortunately doesn’t have streaming capability. We’ll just have to see what God wants. 🙂
      Why I want to livestream is simply because some people may want to visit me but will be unable to. This way, they can see how I’m doing, and it gives me a reason to try it out. I’ll be streaming on “A New Life Goes On” channel.

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