20/20 Hindsight

Well, here I am again, up in the wee hours of the morning. I must say I enjoy doing this, because it gets my tired brain working for a bit. No wonder I have trouble going back to sleep.

I found out yesterday that a friend of those in my church had passed away from cancer. She was a young mom of three and she was known and loved by many folks. I never met her, since I started going to my church after my friends had known her, but they were all so saddened and full of grief at the announcement of her homegoing that it left me in awe. She and her husband were true doers of the Word, and she left her Godly legacy behind with her family and friends. I feel like I’ve missed out on knowing one of the kindest, sweetest Godly women that ever lived. Still, God had a reason for taking her; He couldn’t go without His beloved child any more. We as a church are all in grief at her passing.

I’ve been going to my church for over 15 years, and I’ve met and befriended many who have come and gone. I’ve watched my children grow up, knowing that they deeply miss their father, and even though he and I didn’t see eye to eye, he was still my husband and I knew God wanted me to stay with him, till death did us part. It wasn’t easy, but I believe God blessed me because I obeyed His commandment of one husband, one wife, cleaved together for life. Sadly, he was not saved, and I feel tremendously guilty for not leading him to Christ, but he was a hard man and wanted nothing to do with the Lord Jesus or getting saved. You simply can’t change someone’s heart, but you can love them as Jesus loved them. May God prick our hearts to grow more like Christ every day He permits us to live on earth.

In closing, I’ve learned much over the years. This might be a boring post to those who are more adventurous, but they can go elsewhere to satisfy their youthful lusts. All I know is that spending time on my computer in the wee hours is a satisfying, very intimate time I spend with the Lord.

Young folks today are so confused, that they need to sit still for once and really listen to what their elders have to say. Maybe this Jesus is Someone they could actually fall in love with, creating a powerful bond that will last for eternity, igniting a mighty fire and a love for Jesus in hearts so intense that it spreads throughout their community, like my friends’ friend did. How many others can love you so much that they would die for you? Yep, that’s true. He DIED for you, sinner. But now He is ALIVE FOREVERMORE, AMEN. He wants you to believe and be born again, so you can go to Heaven and be with Him forever.

God bless.