The world is on a slippery slope, bound for destruction

I am over 50 years old. In my lifetime alone, I have witnessed many major changes in society, most of which I will not mention here because just going places and watching events unfold is ample proof of which I speak.

Just what happened today blew my mind, and the irony is that this particular thing is as common as cornflakes, so to speak. Let me be blunt.

I went to the Wawa, where I go for lunch. At the counter was a bald man in a long black dress. I kid you not. I tried to assume that it was really baggy pants, but no, it was a dress. Also there were women wearing leggings so tight they looked like they were painted on. Last week a butch female was there, and the week before some skinny girl dressed like a boy with a short, cropped haircut, with her girlfriend in tow. By the way, they looked absolutely miserable.

I’m not going to judge them, but the Bible says for men to not put on a women’s garment, and pants of any kind on a woman is an abomination to God.

It’s as though everything is backwards. No wonder the gays/lesbians are taking over. Nobody says a word, so they flourish, propagating their unseemly, hellish doctrine on the ignorant and unlearned. Forget the Bible, we’ll do what we want! But a day of reckoning is fast approaching.

God may be ignored, but He will not be mocked. He is still on the throne, watching us, writing everything down in the books. One day, every last one will be held accountable for how they lived. Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ IS Lord.

There is a way out. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, that He died on the cross and shed His blood for you, and that He was buried and rose again. He is now alive at the right hand of God Almighty, and is waiting for you to call upon Him for salvation.

I’m not writing this to be hateful of anyone. If you are a man and want to dress like a woman, that’s your issue. What I’m saying is that God hates your sinful lifestyle, not you as an individual. God loved you enough to send His Son to die in your place. Jesus died for YOU, friend. He does not want anyone to perish, but for all to come to repentance.

God can save anyone through the cross of Jesus Christ, even gays. He came to die in your stead, so you wouldn’t have to go to Hell when you die.

Will you choose life in Jesus, or death in Hell forever?