Lord, use me

I had a blog here some time ago under the same username. I worked on it day and night. I posted articles. I added images. I made full use of the editor. Everything appeared to be just right, UNTIL… God had me take it down.


It had become an IDOL.

You say, How can a way to serve the Lord BE AN IDOL? It all depends on how you treat it. If I spent so much time editing this website and never stopped to pray, or ask God if that’s what He wanted. Honestly, I thought I was serving God, BUT, the website became a god in itself, because that’s what I was paying the most attention to.

We MUST live for Jesus FIRST before we expect any blessings. First of all, we need to admit that we are woeful sinners in the eyes of God, and all we deserve is HELL FIRE. This is hard to understand, and many reject the Lord Jesus to their own destruction. This is the main subject I will elaborate on in this blog.

Read below how God saved me and changed my life. The Lord surely kept that there for someone who is seeking Him with all their heart.

Thanks for stopping by. God bless you.