Back on WordPress

After a long stretch I’ve decided, or rather the Lord, to return to using the talent of writing that God gave me. I am a born again Christian, in case you do not know. My username has been here before, and I admit I deleted my account because I was a coward. People were mocking my stand for Christ, and I admit, I crumbled. Yet I know God did not abandon me, and He has me here now with a brand new blog to start over and make sure I give Him the glory, whether it be good or bad.

I got a brand new laptop for Christmas and Windows 10 (for better or worse) is my browser. I never liked Windows 10 but I realize I cannot complain about the tools God gives me to use. I just need to use them.

Anyway I hope my blog will be a blessing to you, and if you’re not saved, I ask you to please consider your sin condition, that you are indeed a sinner in need of a Savior. Any questions will be answered in the comments.

God bless you, my dear readers.